Friday, October 2, 2009

Gina: A Pose Doll Collector

Special thanks to Gina of San Antonio, TX for being the first to complete the Pose Doll Survey!! Please keep checking back every couple of days to hear about others! XOXO

Name: Gina

Age or Birthday: 6/7/80 (hence the 678 in my flickr name)

Location: San Antonio, TX

When did you start collecting pose dolls? June 2008
Why do you collect pose dolls? I saw one in a Livejournal community post. I tracked one down on eBay and became hooked as soon as she arrived.

How many pose dolls do you own? About 80

Where do you buy your pose dolls? Ebay & Etsy

Where/how do you display your pose dolls? I have 2 makeshift bookcases that I keep the majority on. I arrange them by color/style because I'm super anal.

What was your first pose doll? (See pic below)

What is your favorite pose doll? (See pic below)

What is the most amount of money you have spent on a pose doll? I don't think I've ever spent more than $100 on one, though I have been tempted. I would feel way too guilty!

Do you sell your pose dolls? Where? Yes. Ebay. My mind changes frequently, and I like to make room for new ones.

Any interesting stories about pose dolls you'd like to share? On my birthday this year, which was totally coincidental, I received a message from a random lady on eBay. She told me she'd noticed I'd won several pose dolls recently, and she had 4 she wanted to get rid of because she only collects Ginny and they were just sitting in her closet. I thought she was asking if I wanted to buy them, but no, she insisted on giving them to me absolutely free! She wouldn't even accept the shipping fees! She said someone had done that for her one day with her Ginny dolls and she wanted to do something as kind for someone else. Made my whole birthday, and month for that matter. They arrived a couple weeks later, and were mint Holiday Fair dolls that I'd actually tried to buy at seperate times in the past but was always outbid.

Any interesting pose doll photos you'd like to share for the blog? The first makeover dolly that I actually liked.

Are pose doll collectors crazy? Yes!

Do you collect anything else? Barbie is my first & foremost collecting obsession.

Thoughts, questions, comments? Anything else you'd like to add? I've met the sweetest people since I began collecting pose dolls.
Thank you GINA!!!


beedeebabee♥ said...

What a great post! I'd never heard of "Pose Dolls" before, but they look so familiar, like dolls from the 50's 60's with sort of fabric faces. Very sweet little things! Hugs, Paulette ;)

Renee said...

Paulette, thank you for your comment! They are definitely from that time period and most likely made in Japan - although the newer ones come from Korea.

There's a bunch of us pose doll collectors out there - just thought it would be fun to find out about our collecting habits!!

Once things I've learned about these dollies is that we can never just have one, LOL!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I love this and hope you will be able to interview more!! I have a couple and always look for them at the thrift and estate sales...but do not consider myself a collector. Its something about their divinely cute faces isn't it?

Renee said...

Just posted another interview. Have one more to post next week, plus I need to answer the questions myself. If you change your mind, please feel free to answer the questions!! xoxo

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Renee, I am definitely going to do your pose doll interview this weekend.. lots have been going on. i will fm you about it. I am enjoying reading about the pose doll much fun and a great idea!

curlytop said...

why you interview them? i collect dolls too :3 are they friends of yours?