Sunday, September 23, 2007

More dolly-ness! Yay!

My collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger! Love this little girl with the pink fro!

Two Sakura dolls - they have different faces than any of the other dolls in my collection!

I call these my Pixie Chicks! They're ready to start a rock and roll band. One of them already has the green hair!

I think the one with the red stripes was supposed to have a dog. Now she has a baby instead! (c;
This doll is perfect - her hair, her face, no flaws here! She's my little knitter!

My blonde Osyalle Style doll finally arrived from Japan! They are the bestest of friends!

More on the way, as always...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Lot's and Lot's of New Stuff!

This dolly is attached to the front of a phone book. I was thinking of taking her off, but decided to leave her. There's some numbers in there - but they have letters - a little bit before my time!

The next is a precious find. Mini Ayumi Uyama pose doll figurines . They're new but look like all the dolls that I have been collecting lately!

My mom found these two Bradley type dolls at a flea market. They're a bit dirty, but they were $1 each. I have some cleaning up to do!

Again- my mom found these for me at a flea market! The big one was a $1 the little one $2. The little one has a Dakin Dream Pets tag but she looks like a girl scout to me.

I had the blue dress doll for a couple of weeks now. I just got her red dress sister a few days ago.
What a darling darling rag doll! She's a huge 18" and one of the most interesting things I have ever seen! Perfect condition! So sweet!

A cute little geisha pose doll! Her head wobbles side to side, but I still love her!

My most prized possession! LOL So excited to have found the Takara Osyalle Style doll designed by Ayumi Uyama! I just bought her blonde friend! I'll post her as soon as she arrives. She's coming directly from Japan!

Another Japanese find...Ayumi Uyama's Girl's style book! TONS of pictures of the cutestet things ever! Lot's of vintage pose dolls too! (c;

Thanks for checking out my collections and obsession! (c;

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Plastic Grocery Bag Crochet

I did a lot of crocheting over the summer. My bags were recently shown at an Ecology Fair that my students participated in, and all of my colleagues had to have one. I was very busy making these bags over the summer!

The yellow one is made out of Shoprite bags, red bags from China town, and a green bag from Barnes and Noble.

This multi colored bag was a gift for my Assistant Principal. She was the reason they were at the Ecology fair. It includes Barnes and Noble, Path Mark, Stop and Shop, Chinatown, National Wholesale Liquidators, Michaels, AC Moore, and so many other bags - I don't know where they're from.

The next bag was made out of Trick or Treat bags. They had pictures of Charlotte's Web on them. My Parent Coordinator gave me tons of these bags to recycle, so this one was for her!

This last one was actually made to sell. I met a lady at the Ecology Fair who just had to have one. So here it is!