Thursday, July 31, 2008

Win My Talk of Love Necklace

Talk of Love Necklace
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Check out this blog starting on Friday August 1st.

My shop is being featured for the week and I'm giving away a free necklace!

Leave a comment there and you'll be entered into a drawing to win my Talk of Love Necklace - completely free! No stings attached!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Goodieness

Decided to update the appearance of my blog today. Not a lot of changes were made, but I separated my links category. There's one section for blogs that I look at often. The other section is for some online shops that I adore! Please check them out and if you're a friend who wants your blog added - just let me know!

I'va also added a fun survey over there ---> to the right. What is your favorite color? Just curious. The survey is open for one week. Most of my students also ask for one specific color construction paper all the time- there's never enough of this color? Any guesses?? Tell you later!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Color Inspiration

Wedding Color Inspiration
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Well- to be honest with you I have not been the pickiest bride.

My linens are white.
My flowers are white.
My cake is white.

BUT if I were to be one of those picky picky brides on TV, these colors would be my inspiration. I just love how they look together.

I'm thinking of having my bridesmatrons in green and I think a bouquet will all of these colors would look stunning! (c;

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cleaning House - Dollies for Sale

Cleaning House
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Well, it's come to the point where I have to let some dollies go! I'm planning a July 2009 wedding which means I need space and $$. My new hubby will be moving into my apartment so I don't want him to feel like there are thousands of little eyeballs staring at him. J/K He really doesn't mind my collection at all. I just need to clean out a bit for new ones - hee hee!

These dolls will be listed randomly in my ShoeFlower Etsy shop. Three have already sold. A few are currently for sale. Some are waiting to be listed!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in anything!

HUGS! Renee

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How To Have A Successful Shop On Etsy

Well, since I cannot sleep I'm going to write about Etsy.

Not only do I sell on Etsy,,, but I am also extremely addicted to buying on Etsy. Not to toot my own horn, but I've found that most sellers are not like me:

I've purchased a lot of items lately where I have received ZERO contact from the seller. Not an email. Not a convo. Not even a paypal tracking confirmation. I do not like this. I don't care how busy you are in real life, you need to send me something to let me know that you have received my payment, let me know when my item has shipped and when I can expect it. Personalization means everything, even if it is a cut and paste email, trust me, it will make the customer feel a lot better.

Sellers have contacted me in the past about mentoring info. Here's what I say to them:

First of all, selling on Etsy has to be fun! It's the spirit of the entire website!

Pictures need to be clear. Show fronts and backs of objects. Pick nice colored/patterned/contrasting backgrounds. I really don't want to see your TV set in the pic. Make it professional. You don't need a great camera or a light box for that matter. I use the sunlight in my window and the macros option. It enables you to take pictures of things close up.
Sometimes I include a penny in the photo or a ruler in the photos for measurement purposes. I've had a few requests to see pics of someone wearing the jewelry.

List often. If you have a lot of things to post, you must spread them out. Especially in the jewelry category. If you post everything at once, they will get burried immediately. Trust me! Spread it out during the day and during the week. I find that sales occur after I just listed something. Listing makes your store visible. I find that I have a lot of sales on Thursdays. I don not know why. I also find that I have sales when I wake up in the morning. I don't know why.

Descriptions need not be a book. I LIST the basics. Color, measurements, etc. Paragraphs are long and boring to read when you are trying to sell something. But please don't forget to list how big something is.

When something sells, I respond with an email thanking them for their purchase and to let them know when their item will ship. I ship USA orders the next day 99% of the time. I ship international orders once a week because the lines at the post office are almost unbearable after a long day at my real job.

I wrap my goodies in bubble wrap and tissue paper. I fill the jewelry bag with sequins. I decorate the packages with stickers. I include a freebie in all of my orders. I use pretty deco tape on the outside of my packages. I decorate all my packages with pretty stamps.

I include a little thank you note.

I sometimes include coupons for future purchases. 10%, off, free shipping, free surprise necklace, etc.

I include business cards. They're practically free at

I keep up with my feedback.

I do my best to make everyone happy.

I have fun!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I bought my wedding gown yesterday...

The Happy Couple
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Well, I can't go into too much detail here for a fear of a significant other but I am so happy that I do not have to shop anymore!

To make a long story short, I tried on three dresses. Two I found on the website the night before and one I just liked in the store.

Bought the second one I tried on and the rest is history.

Planning this wedding has been too easy! Not one ounce of stress!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ikea Detolf Cabinets - Vintage Doll Collection

Well - my collection has been getting out of hand. I'm almost slightly embarrassed at how many of them I have. I'm not really into the clutter, but I'm just not ready to party with many of them.

I bought two of these glass cabinets from Ikea yesterday. I like how Gretchen's dolls of Shop66 look in them. They're called detolf and they were $60 each. Definitely needed Bill to carry them up the stairs.

I've put together lot's and lot's of Ikea furniture on my own, and these were the biggest pain in the ass ever. Bill HAD to help.

And since I live in a very old house, with very crooked floors and walls, they're slighlty crooked as well. I just hope they don't fall on me!

BUT the dolls look great in them!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Big Eye Art by Blonde Blythe

Big Eye Art by Blonde Blythe
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So, I was browsing through the crafts and art section in Barnes and Noble today. And there was this book, waiting for me. Big Eye Art by Blonde Blythe. How could I not have this book- especially since I am obsessed with big eye dolls!?

It's on Amazon too! Here's the link:

There are 19 customer images to browse!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Inspiration and Frustration

Inspiration and Frustration
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Inspiration comes from my green vintage japanese dolly box seen in the back.

Frustration comes from the fact that I just can't seem to get their faces right. When I paint the eyes like on the box they look like aliens. I scraped off the faces 3 times!

Calling it quits for tonight. I hate calling it quits because sometimes I never come back! )c;