Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ikea Detolf Cabinets - Vintage Doll Collection

Well - my collection has been getting out of hand. I'm almost slightly embarrassed at how many of them I have. I'm not really into the clutter, but I'm just not ready to party with many of them.

I bought two of these glass cabinets from Ikea yesterday. I like how Gretchen's dolls of Shop66 look in them. They're called detolf and they were $60 each. Definitely needed Bill to carry them up the stairs.

I've put together lot's and lot's of Ikea furniture on my own, and these were the biggest pain in the ass ever. Bill HAD to help.

And since I live in a very old house, with very crooked floors and walls, they're slighlty crooked as well. I just hope they don't fall on me!

BUT the dolls look great in them!


cyndyava said...

Oh, they are perfect. But I feel like you could have used another one. Hee,hee. I think I'll go over to Ikea and bring one home to wrestle with...I have a lot of small toys that I would love to display! Hope your summer is going well.

Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

Those things are heavy!!! I almost picked up one or two several months ago when I was in MN, but thought twice when I realized they were sooo very heavy and that I would be back in MN come Oct. Good thing I waited or I am afraid the accident I was in would have ruined them! Oh, and I don't think I have enough dolls to fill one ... yet :)
ANd the crooked floors! HA HA ... I have them too ... and crooked walls (sturdy, but strangely built). I just love old homes!!!

Renee said...

Cyndy- I definitely thought about getting 1 more, but they were just tooooo heavy! We also bought a bookshelf so I felt bad that my fiance had to carry everything! LOL

Jana - you should definitely get them when you have enough dollys....they're the biggest PAIN but look great!