Friday, July 4, 2008

Big Eye Art by Blonde Blythe

Big Eye Art by Blonde Blythe
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So, I was browsing through the crafts and art section in Barnes and Noble today. And there was this book, waiting for me. Big Eye Art by Blonde Blythe. How could I not have this book- especially since I am obsessed with big eye dolls!?

It's on Amazon too! Here's the link:

There are 19 customer images to browse!


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cyndyava said...

Oh, I don't need any more costly interests! I recently started a small collection of paintings...girls/boys/clowns with big eyes. When I saw your dolls for the first time, I nearly had to splash cold water on my face. They are so up my ally...And Blythe? Forget it! I know I have the potential to be completely addicted to the dolls or anything retro with big eyes! Hee,hee. I feel your pain! Everyonce in a while, a non-traditional holiday is good for the rebel soul inside each of us. Great book find, too.