Saturday, October 17, 2009

Katie: A Pose Doll Collector

Yay for interview # 3!!

Name: Katie Barker AKA ...Posh Totty Designz

Age or Birthday: yuk...........38

Location: Surrey, UK

When did you start collecting pose dolls? 15 years ago approximately

Why do you collect pose dolls? They annoy my husband!! No seriously....I had always wanted to collect something and tried collecting other bits but I was never drawn to anything like I am to these. So many beautiful, quirky, funny faces with THE MOST equisite clothes. Maybe I should have been born in the '60s but I do love the clothes from that era. I also seem to be the only Brit who does collect them so I guess its a little unusual and I have never been one to follow a crowd!

How many pose dolls do you own? That is a scary question and one I will struggle to answer honestly. Ummmmmm, errrrr.....250..300 ...perhaps more...yikes A LOT!!!

Where do you buy your pose dolls? Wherever I can find the little beauties. I have purchased a great deal directly from Japan. I spent most of my young career working for Japanese companies so I guess I got lucky I do have contacts. I also have a very super lovely Japanese friend who buys special beauties for me if I ask her sweetly. I owe her a massive massive hug! I sometimes find a cutey on Ebay...but you can bet the seller is in the USA so I am forever paying large shipping costs!!!

Where/how do you display your pose dolls? I am going to be struck down now by many pose doll collectors. I display a number of them in our lounge...I keep telling my husband..."Oh that one...oh don't worry darling...I am selling that one" or the classic "That one...I've had it for ages". We also have a lovely conservatory where many of them go. Its not altogether ideal as I worry the sun might discolour them but they seem to be amazing little things and put up with a lot before they show any damage or wear. I also have a number of ones I bought a long time ago in the loft...I know its criminal but I literally do not have the space in the house with 2 children and many toys to get them all out. Occasionally I swap them around with ones I have on show and more often I sell them on.

What was your first pose doll? A Bradley bride ready for the nackers yard!

What is your favorite pose doll? I have "favorites" but its hard to find just one. I think it would have to be my Brinn's doll Brynna.

What is the most amount of money you have spent on a pose doll? It was somewhere in the region of £200-£250. I felt quite sick once I had paid for her..I remember thinking...gosh I hope she has a clean face for that price!!!

Do you sell your pose dolls? Where? Yes I do Etsy, Ebay and privately.

Any interesting stories about pose dolls you'd like to share? There is a lovely pose doll seller who often invites me to purchase her dolls privately. This one time she asked if I was interested in a particular doll and she had obviously won it a week before on Ebay as I had actually been bidding on it and been outbid by her. I couldn't bring myself to purchase it from her at the higher inflated price. Made me smile though.

Any interesting pose doll photos you'd like to share for the blog? I laid on the floor so long trying to get this photograph just right that I had to sit down for about an hour after taking it to stop myself from being sick. I felt as rough as a dog.

Are pose doll collectors crazy? Hee Hee No they just have impeccable taste and are amazingly friendly.
Do you collect anything else? Cranberry glass. If I could afford to I would like an original Mark Ryden painting.
Thoughts, questions, comments? Anything else you'd like to add? Thanks Renee...I look forward to hearing from all the other pose lovers!
Thanks so much Katie!!! XOXO


beedeebabee♥ said...

Very interesting interview. Those dolls are so pretty. I think I may have had one long ago! ;)

modpetsvintage said...

Loved the interview. You have fantastic items in your shop. Just opened an etsy shop of my own and am enjoying finding treasures to list. I found a beautiful pose doll, but her white blouse and hat fur are discolored. Any tips for cleaning or should I leave her as is?