Friday, October 9, 2009

Juan: A Pose Doll Collector

Here's interview #2!!! YAY!!!

Name: Juan

Age or Birthday: 22

Location: Singapore

When did you start collecting pose dolls? Just last month!

Why do you collect pose dolls? Fell in love with them after seeing so many lovely pictures on flickr! A pity I was born in the 80s when pose dolls were not popular then, or maybe not found in the shops.

How many pose dolls do you own? Erm...currently 2 only. Hope to collect more!

Where do you buy your pose dolls? Both were from Ebay

Where/how do you display your pose dolls? In my room!

What was your first pose doll?Dakin Dream Doll (my buddy icon)

What is your favorite pose doll? Big head pose dolls! Love both of them alot, but if I were to choose it would be this one:

What is the most amount of money you have spent on a pose doll?About 40 usd

Do you sell your pose dolls? Where?Just started collecting so no selling at the moment

Are pose doll collectors crazy? Hee Hee I wouldn't think so when it comes to collecting things that you like. But sometime I do feel that it's not really worth paying so much especially from ebay.

Do you collect anything else?I used to collect kawaii san-x stationeries (I have a whole big box of collection!), animal plushies from Japan, but now becoming more of a dollie fan--Vintage pose dolls & dollies!
Thanks again Juan!!! You can find pictures of her handmade pose dollies here:
User Sunnydaffodils on Flickr!!

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