Monday, August 25, 2008

Seven Days Working Dolls - Somebody Pinch Me Now

I just have to write a quick blog about my greatest Ebay find ever!

I found these little dollies on Ebay on Wednesday night.

The seller had the cover of the box as the first pic, so you didn't see these little lovelies at first glance. Big mistake!

I clicked on the listing to wee what was inside. I nearly lost my mind.

They were asking $19.99 as the first bid. I immediately bid and then sent the seller a note if they would accept a "buy it now".

No reply!

They were ending Friday night at 8:00 - so of course I sat in front of the computer for an hour!

I can't even tell you how high my bid was. I even upped it at the last second. I considered using a sniping service, but I didn't want to pay the fee and give them my password.

The rest is history - I paid about $30 with shipping and they arrived this morning!

I'm still waiting to wake up from these dream...


cyndyava said...

You make me giggle. I get excited for your dollie purchases. I really do! Those dolls are dreamy. In the box, too? Ohhhhhhh! You did hit the jackpot. I collect paintings that have faces similar to the dolls you love, ya know. If you ever come across any, please let me know. I don't get a chance to trawl ebay nearly as much as I would like.
Congrats on the cuties.

Renee said...

Oh you are too kind. It is ridiculously insane that I get so much joy out of these little cuties. A nice way to end my summer. Have a happy Thursday!

I do know what paintings you are talking about. They go for a lot on Ebay. I'm kicking myself because I saw a whole bunch of them at a flea market for $5 each last year - but I didn't buy them! )c; Next time...

Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

Dear Miss Renee:
Soo sorry to have not commented on your ever so lucky find!! Way to go girly! I think this one tops the cake!! It makes me want just one working doll ... If ever I should be so lucky :)
And for the record these little sweet things remind me of when I spent my childhood Saturdays helping my grandmother clean. And she would always sing that silly song that says "this it the way we wash our clothes, wash or clothes, wash or clothes, this is the way we wash our clothes, so early in the morning."
ANd don't forget iron our clothes and sweep the floor ...
Talk to you soon!!!! Best of luck at School!!

Art By MAR said...

How exciting!!!! I just love them. Good for you, enjoy!

Renee said...

Jana - Thank you so much! It's ok - I don't think this awe is ever going to wear off! I know they're out there - I've seen the cook before!

Art By Mar - thank you so much!