Friday, August 22, 2008

My Purple Thumb!

My Purple Thumb!
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Last Sunday were the playoffs for my softball team. I foul-tipped a ball off my right thumb. It was swollen, and purple, and painful, and yucky! But we did win the game!

I had to visit my hand doc today for my last check up on my left index finger anyway (which I broke way back of February 29th!) It's ok - still feels a little kooky, but because I crushed all the nerves, it's going to take a long time to feel normal.

So, I figured since I was there - I might as well see how my thumb is. After my $35 x-ray and visit co-pay, I learned that it is not broken! YAY! Just have to ice it and take some painkillers.

But it hurts...

So no sewing or crocheting or nice neat handwriting from me for a while...



karmabutton said...

that is so sad!! best wishes with recovering soon! poo. xo

Renee said...

Thank you - it's throbbing less and less every day!