Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bunka Bunka

Bunka Bunka
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Ok - my latest obsession is the Japanese Bunka Doll. I don't really know much about them. I believe there is some specific method to making them and there are definitely vintage ones out there.

The one thing I do know is that they are not for sale in the US. I don't know why. I wish someone from Japan would market them here.

So, I placed an Alchemy order on Etsy. (Alchemy is a part of Etsy that allows you to order something that you would like to be made).

3 bids were placed on my order and I accepted one from She actually made 3 different ones, and well, because I love them so much - I bought 2! Aren't they so cute! I named them Marci and Macy - my American Bunkas!

I also just purchased one from It's on it's way - so no pics just yet.

AND I am working with the lovely Gretchen of to acquire one from Japan on Rinkya.

My my my - when it rains it certainly does pour! I love them!


Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

I about lost it when I saw the bunka doll Missy made .... holy smokes you are one lucky doll owner!!!

superminx said...

Renee, have you seen the bunkas made by jam fancy? They're the greatest.

I've tagged you on my blog to write six things that make you happy if you have time to join in. more info here: here

Renee said...

Thank you Jana! BTW - Did you see how many people loves the Topsy Turvy on Flickr??? (c;

Thank you!

Renee said...

Superminx - yes I have seen her dollies! I would love to get my hands on one - I don't think they're for sale, though! (c;

Checking your blog now!