Friday, January 11, 2008

ShoeFlower Back In Action!

Starting to add some new goodies to my ShoeFlower Etsy shop again. I kind of slowed down my listings during the holidays. It was very hard to keep up with both of my shops. Thanks to everyone who supported my Reyney Etsy shop last year. 2007 was a very busy one- but lot's of fun!

This is a picture of my Super Fun Magazine Pack. I just love looking at the combinations of colors. I think this photograph of all the scraps makes a nice piece of art too - LOL!

Also available is the Purple Party Good Pack. I sold lot's of goodie packs last spring in my Reyney Shop. If you're looking for them, I'm moving them to ShoeFlower.

I'm thinking of keeping my Reyney shop to strictly jewelry and ShoeFlower will be for lot's of fun stuff!

Still thinking about adding some plush dollies soon! Keep checking back!


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