Sunday, February 24, 2008

A New Doll

Vintage Herman Pecker Pose Doll
Originally uploaded by Reyney
Just wanted to introduce to you my newest dolly! My mother purchased her today at a doll show in New Jersey. AND she was only $10. I love those kinds of deals. She always keeps her eyes open for me - she knows exactly what I like - and loves to contribute to my collection obsession!

She's a vintage Herman Pecker pose doll that was made in Japan.

She's in practically perfect condition. I named her Jenny a little while ago. Jenny has the cutest light blue yarn hair, original hang tag, shimmering floral print dress, a red felt book, and red tights.

I know my mother bought something else - but she wouldn't show it to me. She's probably saving it for Easter or maybe my 30th birthday. It's right after Easter - so hopefully I get it soon! What can it be? Stay tuned...

I'm staying up as late as I can tonight, so I can be miserable at work on Monday morning. No, just kidding. I really am not tired.

Happy Sunday!


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