Thursday, February 21, 2008

Complete Scarf, A Scalloped Ending

Well - the yarn came in the mail yesterday. And needless to say, the scarf is complete today. I think I was just too darn excited about the colors - and combine that with a whole week off of work, and you get this beauty.

I don't like writing patterns, but here it goes for anyone who's interested.

CH 15 (Plus one for turning)
SC for 2 rows (Allow 1 turinging chain at the end of each row)
DC for 1 row (Chain 2 at the end of each row)

Repeat until you get your desired length.

Scalloped endings:
CH 2, 2 DC in same stitch
Skip 2 SC
Slip stitch in on SC
Skip 1 SC
5 DC in next SC
Skip 1 SC
Slip stitch in next SC
Skip 1 SC
5 DC in next SC
Skip 1 SC
Slip Stitch in next SC
Skip 2 SC
2 DC, CH2, Slip Stitch in last stitch


I have no idea if any of that is correct.

Felt pin handcraft by moi. I used a button, some sequins, some seed beads, and size 10 crochet thread. It is only pinned to the scarf and can come off at any time.

This scarf reminds me of something Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie would sell for a million dollars! But this one is mine, and it is not for sale, so sorry!

I know I keep repeating myself, but awesome yarn is by


AND PS I have a tiny bit of yarn left over - maybe I'll make a little plushie animal if it snows tomorrow! I just need to get some more stuffing!

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