Friday, February 29, 2008

Iced Twice!

Iced Twice!
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We're engaged! Woo Hoo!

BUT - let me start off by telling you about my whole day. I arrived at work early this morning - parked my car, got out of my car, proceded to close the door, with my left pointer finger in it. I don't really remember how it exactly happened, but the door closed completely, and was locked with my finger in it. Stpid ass me tried to pull my finger out. Luckily I still had the keys in my right hand. It didn't hurt that bad. I took off my cheapo black gloves to look. And there was the blood... And then I ran...

I ran 2 blocks to work, saw the security guard, the wonderful nurse and everyone else who took care of me. I am not going into too much details now, but my finger was gross. I was hysterical to say the least. The secretary drove me to th emergency room and my parents met me there. I could not get in touch with Bill because cell phone service has been suck ass.

We were there for 3 hours. It turns out I fractured my finger and need to see a hand surgeon on Monday. F-ing A! It's not like I play the guitar, or the piano, or crochet, or sew, or do anything with my left hand right????

So, Bill get's to my house at 4:00 - he had no idea. I'm laying on the couch, in my sweats. He asks me if I needed anything - soda, tea, soup and I say no thank you. He goes to the kitchen and comes back and says - "I know how to make your finger feel better" And he get's down on bended knee and the rest is history! I said yes, of course! He iced my boo boo LOL! Could a proposal story get any better than this???

Love you Bill! Marry me Bill! And to think today was Leap Year - the only day where a gal could propose, and if the man said no, he would be subject to a fine. My hand looks crusty in the pic - I don't know why - my nails are not chipped like that. Well - maybe my pointer finger!


superminx said...

OMG... does he realise he's marrying you and about 500 dolls - past, present and future... Oh, of course he does. :-) Hope your finger is OK.

Megan said...

Haha, that is a great story, though! Congratulations!