Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pretty Lady Felt Necklace

Pretty Lady Felt Necklace
Originally uploaded by Reyney
This little lady was created after the other batch of felt necklaces I recently made! I've seen this button used to make lot's of different kinds of jewelry. I made her and a similar one in black into pendants for my personal jewelry collection a few years back.

I came across the buttons again during a recent craft shopping outing! LOL I juat had to buy them again!

She's a shank button sewn to felt. She's a little raised, so the sequins and seed beads fit nicely under her. I love her eyes and the little dots that make up her nose!

Now available in my ShoeFlower Etsy shop.



Elise said...

So beautiful - well done !

Renee said...

Thank you sooo much!

ariane-17 said...

last time I checked your blog you were enthused about your 200 sales!
congratulations on getting well over 1600!

Renee said...

Thank u!!