Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to Make REAL SnowFlakes

As an art teacher, I find that many of my students do not know the real way to make snowflakes. Often we find them making square snowflakes with mostly triangles out of them!

Sorry these pics aren't great, but I had a little fun with Flickr and Picnic graphics to help with the tutorial below.

STEP 1: Start with a piece of copy paper and fold the corner up. The thinner the paper, the better! Tissue paper can rip easily, but the results are still quite beautiful!

SnowFlake Step 1

STEP 2: Fold up the second corner.

SnowFlake Step 2

STEP 3: Cut off the excess at the top. You now have a square that is folded in fourths (the triangle in pic.)

SnowFlake Step 3

STEP 4: This triangle needs to be folded into thirds. Why are we folding fourths into thirds? Because snowflakes have 6 points and the points are symmetrical halves. So, technically, when you open the triangle, you'll see twelfths.

Start by folding in the left side.

SnowFlake Step 4

STEP 5: Then, fold the right side over it.

SnowFlake Step 5

STEP 6: Cut off the excess paper at the top. I tell my students to cut off the "bunny ears" at the top. They are left with an ice cream cone in their hands.

SnowFlake Step 6

STEP 7: Draw a pretty design. There's nothing wrong with sketching your design with a pencil first. Since the snowflake is folded, it's best to draw half shapes on the creases. Half circles and hearts are quite easy to draw. The more details you draw, the more delicate the snowflake will become, and the harder it will be to cut out. If you draw a line directly across the snowflake, you will end up cutting it in half.

SnowFlake Step 7

STEP 8: Cut out your design carefully!

SnowFlake - Almost There

STEP 9: Open your snowflake carefully, and enjoy!

Complete SnowFlake

DISPLAY YOUR SNOWFLAKE: Snowflakes can be taped to windows and mirrors. Hang them from pretty ribbon. Glue to construction paper or pretty cardstock paper. Add glitter. ETC! Have fun!

Thanks for reading!


J for Jendetta said...

YAY, a tutorial!! I love it! I want to make some and haven't been sure what to do quite my house is such a mess I'm not inspired to do anything! grr. Cueness!

Renee said...

I would love to see what you make! (c; I know I still have to post those Eames stamps for ya to see! A messy house is a creative house! HUGS!