Sunday, November 9, 2008

Flickr Sent Me a Warning

EWW! Flickr sent me a warning today that I am selling stuff through my account! Yeah - me and, like a million other flickr users too!

I had no direct linking under my items. The most I ever did was type "see my profile for details", "cleaning house" or "sold". Some items were tagged with "Shoeflower, "Reyney" and "Etsy" So much for that.

But they better open their eyes, and see that everyone's doing it! LOL Well, not everyone, but a lot. I mean what are all the "Etsy" groups for?? Just to look and appreciated each other's work, right? Excuse the sarcasm.

This is a bad mood morning! Thank God I have Tuesday off!


Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

I got one too! Well, I'm quite relieved it wasn't just me...

I sent them an email asking them what they wanted me to change. Like you, I don't have any direct links, or 'For sale' sets, which is what their email referred to. It's been two days and they haven't replied.

Do you think it's just if you use the words 'sale', 'sold', 'etsy' or 'ebay' too many times?

Renee said...

I pretty much went crazy and removed anthing that might possibly incriminate me! Perhaps the word "sold" is no good. AND I took out all my Etsy tags.

I really thought that "cleaning house" would be ok. Who knows?

Let me know if they respond.

J for Jendetta said...

Yea, they have been rough lately and I don't really get it at all! They don't even want any blog links!! CRAZINESS I say!

Sugar Lemon Sweetheart said...

Flickr should be careful about alienating their customers... considering SO many etsians and bloggers use their services and if anything are promoting flickr!
I'd switch to but i'd miss all my flickr friends and groups too much :(

Renee said...

Why do they reall care if I sell something in one of my pictures!

I've never heard of smugmug - need to check it out!

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

This is what they replied to me

Hello kitschdolls,

Thanks for the follow up email.

As our Community Guidelines state, commercial activity is not allowed on Flickr. Links to etsy/ebay could be construed as commercial activity.

The best places to refer for clarification on what is and is not allowed are the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. Staying within the letter and spirit of these terms and guidelines is the best way to maintain a happy and healthy Flickr account.

Thank you again for contacting us. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reply to this email.

I've looked at their link and I'm none the wiser. I don't have any links to ebay, and only one to etsy on my profile.

I think that we can all quite honestly say that we are not using Flickr for commercial purposes, even if we promote our Etsy stuff. At best, Etsy is a sideline, really. I know you have a 'day job' Renee, and from what I've seen, there are not very many people earning a living there!

And even with Ebay stuff, I only put up photos of stuff which I think other people might like, because they're collectors too. I post more stuff that I've bought, than stuff for sale. It's really more of a networking thing.

Well, I'll reply to them and see if I can get them to explain specifically what they object to. I'll try changing a few things in the meantime too. What a pain...

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Oops! I take some of it back...
After a loooong trail through my photos, I found a link to my etsy shop I'd set up in a comment, because someone asked me to let them know when my badges were available.

I knew I hadn't set up any in descriptions, but I'd forgotten that comment. I've removed it now. I've also removed a lot of references to selling, so I hope that will do the trick!

Renee said...

I had links many moons ago...but removed them long before this warning! I like your use of "etsified". Maybe I'll use that too, lol. Maybe someone reprted us...? Who knows!

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

I suppose someone from a group might have reported us, if they felt we were using the group for our own evil purposes! It would be a bit harsh, though. It's not like we're flooding Flickr with pictures of stuff for sale!

I think it must be some sort of automated search that Flickr use, that looks for links to etsy or ebay AND looks for how many times you use selling words. I would hope they'd look a bit more carefully before they took any further action.

Well, we'll just have to start our own language. I'm glad you like 'etsified'. Feel free to use it! : )

Annette said...

I got one too, I guess about the same you did.... from "Omar". :o(
Now I don't like the name Omar, lol.