Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pretty Plushies - Everyone Squeeze in the Photo

So, what happens when I get sick? I make the most plushies I have ever made.

I still feel like crap. I still want to sleep all day. But, for some reason my plushie crafting has been at an all time high.

Here's a pic of all in my collection right now. Some are for sale. Some have already sold. Prices range from about $6 to $12.

I should get sick more often, not!


cyndyava said...

They are all beautiful. You are so talented. Last year, when I first saw your plushie egg, I made a little copy of my own and gave it to my daughter. She loves it. Now, I'm thinking about branching out. The little girl looking out the window is genius.
Hope you're feeling better.

Renee said...

Thank you so much Cyndy!

They are so much fun to make - I have a little sketch book, where I jot down all of my Pretty Plushie ideas, and whenever I have a free moment I get straight to work!

Would love to see yours!