Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Paintings by Moi

So, I don't know where the summer has gone already. I had high hopes of being all artsy and crafty. I didn't accomplish much. I am sharing with you the two small 6" by 8" acrylic paintings I made all summer.

To show off my love for dutch thingys:
I have a lot of vintage dutch linens, so I copied bits and pieces of each one, added my own pizzazz, and there you are!

Today, I found inspiration in one of my mother's head vases. Yes! A head vase! Head vases were popular in the 50's to 70's I think. They're a porcelin head, with a hole for a flower or something.

And here's my painting. I used old old crafty acrylics, and I had no orange paint and about a spot of yellow! Check out the glittery glaze I used for her hair! I changed her eyelashes a bit - I hate painting thin lines with a brush.

Here's the head vase: She's so cool. I love the way her hair flows.

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