Saturday, December 6, 2008

Don't Mess With Barbie

Found the following artile on Yahoo! Buzz

"Let's get something straight — Barbie may look like a bombshell, but she's no pushover. Mattel, the makers of the iconic doll, recently won a prolonged legal battle with MGA, the manufacturers of Bratz. The outcome of the legal battle puts into question the future of the creepy-looking Bratz figures. A federal court ruled that MGA was to be banned from making and selling "the saucy Barbie alternative." Why? Apparently, the court found that the creator of Bratz came up with the idea while working for Mattel. Hence, the idea belongs to the house that Barbie built."

Although, I never did really like Bratz dolls anyway. It's like Barbie and Blythe had an ugly love child! LOL

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Annette said...

omg, unbelievable Renee! that is hilarious! Or maybe not, ha ha! It's the concept of Bratz dolls that I can't stand. At least Barbie had some cool careers and stuff. Bratz are just golddiggers. :o)