Sunday, April 20, 2008

Recycled Crayons - Gifts for my students

As an art teacher, I ended up with lot's of little crayon bits and bobs this year. And from experience, I've learned that children do not like to use these. There's nothing like a brand new crayon with that beautiful point. They Crayola sharpner helps bring them back to life, but it's still never the same.

I purchased two mini muffin pans on ebay and baked them away! One is in ther shape of stars and the other just has circles.

I put them in little baggies with some sequins and added a label. I'm going to give them to all the students on their birthdays! Yay!


superminx said...

I wish I was a kid learning art again. Someone should make crayon-shaped muffin tins :-)

Renee said...

How funny would that be?